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The Deafening Silence

The Deafening Silence

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Their cheers are deafening, the score’s five-zero

The crowd goes wild, he is a hero

Head held high, he’s carried out in style

But little do they know he’s screaming, screaming behind that smile.

A shoulder to cry on, she’ll always be there

Whatever the fight’s about, she’ll make it all fair

But have you seen the tear-stained pillows,

Can you see her screaming, screaming in the shadows?

Everyone’s scared of him and he knows it

Whatever the dare, he’s ready to risk it

But through the dreadlocks and his confiscated license

Do you see him screaming, screaming behind his silence?

They’re all around, on their knees

Screaming for someone who finally sees

Screaming for a hug, a smile, a little patience

Screaming for someone who’ll see through their silence.

So go, spend an awkward moment

Don’t wait for time, place or talent

You don’t need eloquence, it’s just your presence

That could make a difference to someone screaming in their silence.

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