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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

The Scotch-Irish Viking

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The Scotch-Irish Viking

Abstract Inspirational Others

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

4 mins

The Beginning.

A cause of thought,

The inspired will.

A perfect plot.

A plan to fulfill.

The kaleidoscopic effect,

of atomic life.

Colliding and exploding,

into brilliant light.

Planetary alignment,

As systems are made.

A universe of galaxies,

The foundation is laid.

Gases, and matter,

fire and ice.

Particles scatter,

then come together

to splice, into life,

living organisms,

forming the equation

of things yet, not understood,

as only time limits the

knowledge of all that is,

and all that is to come,

but to some...

We connect the dots

like the stars.

Our cause is of that

that is greater than what

we think we are.

Look far and wide at

the potential inside of

this fragile, yet versatile

being inside.

It's a ride we're all on,

and soon, It'll be gone,

as the winds of change

bring a new evolution to

the conclusion of humankind.

If we were to rewind, we could

avoid making the same mistakes,

that determine the end, and our fate,

because the date is not set yet,

and inspite of the setbacks,

I feel we could turn it all around,

put us all back on the positive track.

We've been under attack,

striping us from our natural

state, to rob us of the

star that we are, so many


The adjacent paradoxical

oxymoronic contradiction.

A condition caused by erosion

of the naive soul's admission.

The colors are perspectives,

elected to be in the eye of the

beholder, the purple and rose

turns to grey then get bolder,

as night takes away all the

prisms that portray the life

essences of all that we see,

as these perspectives

cease to be.

As you can see, we are but a star

fallen far from the glory of what

was intended to exemplify and

glorify all that was made, but

betrayed are the insignificant

shadows of what was once created

to shine in the night sky, fallen

like angels into the destruction

of time and death.

It is but a breath that we take,

and the course that we make,

that must be in harmony with

all that surrounds us, because

we are all of the same cosmic dust.

I trust that you listen to words

that are profound, and do not

bring us down, but rather raise

us up high, so we can light up the

sky, as the brilliant refection

of the universe we are so lucky

to be.

What have you given, or do you

take away. Destruction leads

to inevitable decay of the way

we were supposed to be, can't

you see that we control our

future and our children's destiny,

you don't need to remind me,

and It shouldn't have to be

proven to you.

We all cause a butterfly effect

according to what we do.

The End.

When all that was right, when the

light and the fight are lost and the

cost is all that we have come to know

because our actions are that of

division and woe, and the taking of life

by the gun or the knife is the weapon

that ultimately destroys the creation

of that that was for us, I implore us

to change.

The deranged will be judged, all the

murderous thugs that play apart in

the desecration of the way that it was

in the beginning before the infestation

of evil played it's part of separating

the chaff from the grain.

As their brain leads them astray,

and their star power goes away,

they will die out, sadly going

without ever knowing there was a

better way.

To my dismay, I watch it all come


Why live in the dark, when you

can run free with the Son.

Now as I can see the stars align,

they still will shine as we die away.

Will this be the end for our kind,

as we ignore the signs, and take

the path to dismay. 

As the dysfunction causes the

breakdown of the machine.

We'll have to stop and think a


Is this really what we need?

A sacrifice for luxury?

Give up Freedom for security?

To take away the God in me?

To separate us from Eternity?

Heaven is corrupt and must be

made anew, along with the all

that we now know and do, you

see, Truth will have victory over

what was corrupted, and the

multitude of Stars will stand up

abruptly in witness of the new

creation and the city of gold.

So we're told, but don't listen,

our star dust is missing from

kissing the serpent, ignoring

the hissing, with our fist out

as we brag about how powerful

we are. We are like the falling

star burning out, like the

universe's latest trend.

We are all subject to a beginning

and an end.

When I die, I will rest in my grave.

I'm not going to a broken heaven,

and I won't be Satan's slave.

When that mighty horn blows,

I will rise and do my part.

I will take on Angel's Wings,

And receive my everlasting heart.

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