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The Beauty Of The World

The Beauty Of The World

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The scented flowers on the trees

The cool and slow-moving breeze

The juicy fruits or the seeds

The jingling and colorful

String of beds

The raspberry, apple, and strawberry

Festivals that make people merry

Green apples, watermelon, and pears

All the beautiful creatures like

Tigers and bears

The twinkling stars in the night

Light insects that take us from darkness to light

Lullabies that are so sweet

The birds that chirp and tweet

The mountains with a great height

The birds up there with a powerful flight

The sunrise with a golden sun

Children playing and dancing in a fun

The buttercups and the yellow corns

The reindeers with their magnificent horns

Lying by the seaside shores

Corals and reefs full of pores

A waterfall with pouring water

The swaying flowers with a chatter

The colorful rainbow and the wind's blow

Mingled with nature's glow

The beauty of the world

It can't be defined in simple words.

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