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Geeta Gahlot



Geeta Gahlot


The Battle With COVID

The Battle With COVID

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With whom are we at war?

Writing our own destiny was the motive 

But where have we lost our planned strategy?

This virus has killed millions,

locked us up in our nests.

Will we ever get our normal life back?

Now that is a biggest question.

Who are we blaming and why should we blame,

We all are the players of this disastrous game.

The lives are lost and those who are alive,

feel devastated and alone.

Video calling and watsapp chat,

is the only option for human bonding and relation.

I never wanted this life and neither did you,

Wear fancy masks and cover yourself,

Because from where this enemy will attack is not known.

Life has changed its course,

What I see around is only remorse,

Humanity is begging for its senses back.

The scientific discoveries are meant to save life,

Even now if we don't understand ,

Then there is nothing left for coming generations,

To enjoy and plan.

We are leaving this planet with no future

And the battle which we have lost.

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