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Story Of A Poem

Story Of A Poem

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A Poem is not built by poetic device,

But A poem is created in and by the inner voice

A poem is not

Custody of words in Stanza...

Or Held by rhyme or Rhythm..

Clenched in simile...

Or Sentenced to irony..

Chained to alliteration...

Or Prisoned by repetition...

Caged by assonance...

Or Bound by consonance...

Convicted by Connotation...

Or Trial of Denotation....

But A poem is

Shower of Unsaid feeling,

Or Way to Unnoticed healing.

Spread of Unearthed devotion,

Or Flow of Untold emotion.

Shine of Untouched sentiments,

Or Wave of Unbridled moments.

Spray of Undisclosed confession

Or Blossom of Unbound passion.

Splash of Unrestricted thoughts,

Or Chirp of Unadulterated plots.

Stain of an Unsatisfied desire,

Or Voice of an Unattended fire.

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