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Inspirational Others



Inspirational Others

Stand and Stare

Stand and Stare

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Oh, God! For all fleeting show, self-reliance, the capacity to gratify,

The smiles of joy, the tears of woe, not parasite. 

Understand living is the most complicated art, forget epidemic,

Year 2020 is passing through with dreaded pandemic. 

But we sit to fulfill dream, pleasure learn to sail seven,

There is nothing deter from endeavours true but heaven,

Teachers taught, to endure of agony, pain, with happiness,

Avoid false light; follow the light glory’s sky, not awkwardness. 

Each boy, girls, person sustain vagaries, have to some part to play,

In the face of challenging, endeavour, forget orderly way today.

Help us God for laughter, ordeal, how to learn wicked jest,

Parental, peer pressure does not poison toll all the rest.

Forget the past, try for future, leave others have gone away,

That is the ranks wait for students, must try once again.

We can take the woes of pandemic, pollution to make a little Eden,

In School, College, and work that we occupy,

We live, love, contribute to woes, power to wield, apply. 

We wreath our prides, embarks odyssey, we sheet our dead,

Must try our best, dejected, dissatisfied to be simple and pure,

Learning thought “stand and stare” only our hopes, must secure. 

Always think presentable, acquire the etiquettes the art of living. 

Religious, seasonal festive, those break all monotony,

Celebrate to promote national integration and communal harmony,

When we wisely learn power to wield, dignity to toil, from armoury. 


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