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Sprinkle some spices in life

Sprinkle some spices in life

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A glassful of water

Colorless and tasteless

Nothing can quench our thirst but only water.

Boiled and added some tea leaves

Gives A taste of black tea

Again make it spicier by adding

Ginger and cardamom

This works like medicine for cold, flu too

Again make it spicier by adding milk

Furthermore with sugar.

Each time you add one spice

It's taste keep on changing

And each spice taste different

And tangy.

Keep on relishing each taste

Before moving ahead.

Enjoy whichever way you prefer.

Marriage is based on trust

Followed by love and care.

In mid of life when you find charm is lost.

Just sprinkle some spices

Not altogether.

Else dishes will be spoiled by spices itself.

Sprinkle spices slowly one by one

And see how wonders it does.

Keep a day only for yourself.

Be ready with some spices.

Just see How wonder it does.

Inviting third ones into your life is very easy

Just to make your life messy in the future.

Sometimes there is no U-Turn.

And even if taken

everything may not be fine like before.

The others have also heart like you.

And put yourself in another place too.

This trust is broken

Maybe mended but the deep scar will always remain.

Never forget that.

This itself will take away all the spice of your life too.

Enjoy your life by adding spices to it!

Before it's too late.....

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