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Suchismita Behera



Suchismita Behera


Source Of Serenity

Source Of Serenity

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Three little symbols are always still

Depicting something for a good will

Looking at them I always wonder

Who are these suspicious character?

Are they best friends or the three partners?

Providing some clue or any suggestions!

What is the reason behind their creation?

Do they play any role for the nation?

Such unspoken questions were being always wondered

Then school books described and well answered

Oh! then they are the symbols of purity

I whispered to me and found their beauty

For the bad to "see, speak and hear"

They narrate and alert for "NEVER"

To purify the unknown soul

To beautify the untold world

Respect to them who silently taught

A salute to him who created the thought

Follow these positive vibes; it's now our duty

That will lead the progress till the infinity

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