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Cry Of An Insatiable Soul!

Cry Of An Insatiable Soul!

2 mins

Smoke, fumes and foam

Suppressing my groan

My vision is getting blurred

My cerebral is becoming numb

My fancy is of writing poem

But unable to do so by observing only mayhem!

A new warfare I am observing

Where technology is slaying human with ludicrous design

I lost my capacity to make any rhyme

I am utterly immersed in a violent rhythm

Where human cry is suppressed in hyperbole of artificial gadgets

Though being crafted by only human

Not knowing their edifice of jeopardy endangering their existence

They may soon feel redundancy and presence

Sea change in production may alter their predominance

Only feud among them will be the cacophony we may hear with abhorrence!

I love to become a proponent for many

Where collective design brings to harmony

Individuals are forced to subdue

By majorities claim and attribute with amazing hue

A reflection of ancient style

Where collective approach are necessarily essential to exist, attune and align!

But my fancy for ‘I’

An inherent vice, always try to make a loud cry

Individualism engulfs me with arrogance and fanaticism

Solitude is a bliss I uphold in ecstasy to make a confusing rhythm

Hardly can I perceive

Isolation only I engender with misleading reprieve

Paving virtually alone to resort to grave

Where I perpetually stop my breathe in disgrace

None will remind me and my prosody

Discard me with sheer ignominy

Which ultimately majority approve in haste

Poor soul I am, my efforts all will be in vain and I will be in permanent rest!

External world with its unique trait

Changed and align my internal senses with behest

Combining it makes a material force

Where idea of an individual take an unrestrained recourse

Where thought process too appear as a material to offer change in deluge

It creates an ambience for an individual to adapt to accommodate in recluse

Though his struggle will never be vociferous

He tried to usher mankind with his adoration for human civilisation with glare!

I am now gradually advancing for perpetual departure

No accolades, no admire I aspire

But, I am suspended in a quagmire

I cannot find any script

To translate my views and vibe in spree

Whatever I experience

Whatever I achieved

None is parallel to this mundane odyssey I experienced with glee

Though an individual’s life is a dot

But alone it experience and offer pace, not a blot

In terms of time and space

It alone only usher mankind to explore with grace!

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