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Chandrima Roy Karmakar



Chandrima Roy Karmakar


Side Effect Of Love

Side Effect Of Love

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I remember turning back, but there it was when the truth struck,

Unable to move, unable to see, gasping for every breath,

Everything around me was crashing down, every inch of my body was melting.

Even though it was summer, it felt like the coldest winter,

Every bit of warmth, rolling down my cheeks,

Leaving my body cold and mouth dry as a desert, not able to utter a single word.

Lying lifelessly, with all the memories, the smiles, your smile rushing in,

All at once, all jumbled up,

Unaware of the world, my friends, family, or even myself.

For the longest time, I wished it was just a nightmare,

That I would wake up and, and fill you in,

And we could laugh it out,

But it never did, I never woke up.

Normal didn’t seem normal anymore,

Daily tasks became impossible goals,

My world shrank into your memories and darkness that I created,

To which any infiltration was forbidden.

It was the day we took our separate ways.

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