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Preethi Warrier



Preethi Warrier


Scenic Serene Sublime

Scenic Serene Sublime

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I stroll around the picturesque beach as my footprints adorn the pure sands,

The mighty Bay of Bengal splashes playfully and I soak in the tranquillity.

The peaceful and calm Gopalpur By The Sea embraces me in her hands,

And I wander away, further exploring this beautiful land of placidity.

I gaze amazed at the sheer span of vastness of that Puri road,

The lane that leads me to the abode of Lord Jagannath.

The majestic temple feeds thousands of devotees I am told,

I bow down and pray, to lead me along the virtuous path.

The waves lash the sparkling beach here, with golden sands and surf,

But I go boating in the enormous Chilka Lake, to the horizon, the far end of the sea.

The rare Irawady dolphins play hide and seek on their home turf,

A tiny speck in that huge cool lagoon, I stand humbled in glee.

Bhubhaneshwar city stands tall and auspicious, Lord Lingaraj beckons me,

Dhaulgiri and Khandagiri epitomize the region’s culture and history.

The variety of art, handicrafts and sculptures brings out the shopper in me,

Nandankan zoo reflects a part of the flourishing flora, fauna and wildlife,

Odisha, A true amalgamation of urban and tradition, and such unravelled mystery. 

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