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Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine

1 min

I knew when I met you, I could never stop this feeling.

I had such strong emotion from every fiber of my being.

I thought a love like this couldn’t be true,

Therefore I constantly searched for the heartache you’d ensue.

You proved my quarrels wrong time after time,

Until we thought we reached our demise.

My heart shattered and ripped from chest.

Pierced with Cupid’s arrow through my hearts crest.

I begged and pleaded to recant the pain,

But, I firmly believed all we had left was vain.

Woe is me! Please set my cumbered heart free.

“Please...” I cry. “I can’t understand why...”

St. Valentine hears my pleas,

And from the sky he ascends to me.

“Appreciate the love I have laid for you,

And I will let more profound love accrue.”

I listen with an open heart,

Could he really mend what was torn apart?

Aching for my knights love,

I scream, “ PUT BACK THEREOF!”

St. Valentine draws the arrow from under my breasts,

And wipes away the sorrow it pressed.

The arrow drawn back, I eagerly wait,

For this gift to give back my fate.

My prince appears and draws back my hair,

I can feel my chest embody a fresh clean air.

He kisses me on my brow,

And asks, “Are you ready for my love now?”

Newly improved lovers embrace,

A fresh new slate, finally erased.

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