Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Anger Is Red

Anger Is Red

2 mins

What is this anger that takes over my soul?

That frequently forfeits my desired lull?

What is anger that takes the sanctity of me?

That always fulfils it’s work diligently?

Anger looks like the most spine-chilling monster.

Its eyes peer through yours and overtakes as your reinvented impostor.

It’s hatred and angst are transparent to all through your porcelain skin.

If only they could still see your true self from within.

Anger tastes of bitterness.

Putrid taste of a white asparagus fortress.

While your palate is submitted to its foul encrust,

It’s abhorrent taste is uncontrollably robust.

Anger smells like the largest city’s smog.

Leaving your brain in a swampy bog.

It’s pollution clouds through your airways and intoxicates your chest.

The sweet smell of your ozone stripped of its best.

It smells of heavy emissions and cancer,

Leaving you tight of chest searching for an answer.

Anger sounds like the persistent static white noise.

When moving his mouth it nullifies your sound poise.

It sounds like screeching scribbled lines of chaotic hate,

Unjustly trying to decide your fate.

Anger feels like poison surging through your veins.

The blood of hatred infusing you always reins.

Anger looks of a beast more foul than man.

It can overtake you and destroy you despite doing all you can.

Anger comes from the inability to bare an open-mind.

Not one person has perception of the same kind.

Don’t let the rage monster steal your sanity,

Life is way too sweet to live in his vanity.

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