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Matter with its amazing expression in human spectrum

Causing an upheaval at random

Dazzles our eyes

With its inherent capacity which none dare to vie

Trigger us to dream

We are merely eclipsed by its gleam

Like lunar, solar and Stellar episode

How it emerges and wanes in universe’s grand floor!

Matter itself is an exposition

By virtue of heat, pressure and its mystic rendition

It always flows in a process of change

Out of nature’s design it may appear as avalanche

A new form in manifestation out of synthesis

Some may consider it as a form of catharsis

Just to escape from its true synopsis!

From slave society to present social synergy

A continuous process emphatically ingress to rob its due entity

I wonder as an energy which flows in cyclic order

Mat not prompt to take vengeance for such inequitable disorder!

Unity of thought and its recourse

Alone can act as a camouflaging force

To make an upheaval

Across the world which is surely permissible

Toppling the world order

Where humanity may carve a niche with grand decoder!

You never know who ‘I’ am

I am mere a fry, but having potentiality to cause huge mayhem

Consisting with enough ingredients

To make huge turbulence with delectable parlance

Sound is surely a variant energy

This is having potentiality to change the existing configuration with unique synergy

Paving the way for many to appreciate and applause

This is how the metamorphosis of matter eventually manifest at gross!

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