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Nique Flynn

Abstract Drama


Nique Flynn

Abstract Drama

Puppet of Love

Puppet of Love

2 mins 157 2 mins 157

Do people only love you because

     you tend to their needs.

Love is love--

      only when you agree?

Would you love me if I stood in my power?

Do I have to play puppet, you-- puppet master?

If I told love No, will it leave?

Love isn't supposed to be control

It's suppose to free --

        a heart from aches

Love is meant to mend

     Not a secret weapon

I need a bandage from

 Love's damage

Desired by many



don't know how to love

Love isn't confusion


Nor deceptive

  Love is sure



   I only question love

Cause I often get confused

 As I said love is sure

   Some use to control

            And abuse.

(Artwork by:  Marionette "Puppet"

"..and if I could make you understand one truth, it would be this. Someone who manipulates your feelings through guilt, isn't loving you. That's an attempt to control you and that has nothing to do with love" - JmStorm)

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