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Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


Power of Thoughts

Power of Thoughts

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Our Thoughts are more powerful than we estimate them

They are like a magic wand in your hand 

You can create magic out of it, provided you know how to use it to your best.

Our Life is often controlled by our thoughts, that's the key 

Yet the whole life we continue blaming anything and everything around us for our failure

It's our thoughts that can unlock our full potentials

and that leads us one step closer to chasing our dreams

One needs to be watchful for the thoughts

Because it's the thoughts that lead us to believe and finally pave the way to action.

It's our thoughts that can act as a major instrument to succeed

But at the same time, they become the reason for our failure too.

Thoughts are the seeds of happiness

Make sure you select the good kind of seed and take good care of the seeds

Only then the tree of happiness shall grow and bloom.

Don't let negative thoughts control your life 

And suck the happiness from your life

Instead, choose to opt for positive thoughts in your life

And then see the magic it creates in your life.

Even when the circumstances are trying, hold your fort and stay strong 

Don't let anything shake your confidence in your thoughts

It's your thoughts that shall help you to sail through the storm of testing times

It would not let you down, provided you are ready not to give up.

You need to be the master of this magic wand and tame it 

Let the wand know who the master is before it starts manipulating you.

History has been created by those who got a stronghold on their thoughts 

This journey would not be an easy one, but as it's been rightly said 

Often the bad roads lead to a beautiful destination.

Imagine, how wonderful life would be 

If all your thoughts lead to happiness and fulfilling your dreams. 

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