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Stony Romance

Stony Romance

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I was given two smooth stones

Along with a challenge

To bring them to life.

I mulled over the fact

That stones are

Hard and heartless

Life means to move, to feel, to emote!

But aren't stones

Immobile, emotionless and apathetic

Still, I tried talking to them

To elicit some opinion

On the happenings around

Next, I sounded a conch

So that they would close their ears

And show that they are now alive

I even blowed

My hair drier on their surface

So that they start breathing.

There seemed no effect

As they stayed like a stone

Aloof of my actions.

Finally, I took paper and pen

I cut a shape

And drew some strokes

Hey, presto, now there is romance in the air!

As the animated boy stone is proposing

To the coy girl stone.

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