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Petals And Thorns

Petals And Thorns

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Along the seashore

I was waiting

For someone unknown

Whether he would come

Or not

I did not know,

This weird anxiety

I felt that moment

Broke me apart

As if I was being roasted with sauce.

The mesmerizing sunset

Seduced me into

Forgetting the reason

I came for

Petals and thorns lay on

The ground

As I returned home.

He did not come

Maybe had left last night

I did not blame him

At all

I knew it was my fault.

Moving ahead I tried

To forget the pain

Solitude I stayed into

But then I met you

And love is what

I fell into.

Journey of life

I suddenly started loving

You made everything interesting.

Merrily I confessed

My love to you

Expecting you to do the same too.

You made my day

When you said yes

I was so happy

I was not rejected.

I remember him too

But not a flaw

Like a memory I do

Because it made me find you.

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