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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Salai Kulamani Birlasekar



Salai Kulamani Birlasekar


Passion Earns Pain

Passion Earns Pain

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The worldly demands keep pushing

To the wits’ end...

It is wearing off all the essential energy

Why things can’t be fixed?

What is lacking?

Passion takes away the practicality...

Nobler reasons beyond materialistic means

Matter the most!

Pseudo intellectuals are swarming everywhere,

Who made a trend 'everything is alright'

Indeed, if you have enough money out of it!

Money does push things way too harder,

For the people of passion...

For instance, teaching is a passion:

The nobler purpose of it is helping people

To believe in themselves and their dreams

And providing light to hold throughout their journey.

Now, in reality, teaching is not to inspire pupils

But to have a revered position,

To earn good sum with less effort,

More than ever,

Pseudo intellectuals are found excess in the teaching field!

Seeing dumber of the dumbest crowd,

Holding a responsible position

To light up the future of scholars

Hurts a lot!

Indeed, helping for the meanest of mean things

To the dumber with no benefits;

Holding the future of the invisible scholars,

Trusting the nobler purpose is served,

Eases at times yet feels so tiresome.

Name a thing - all intend to earn money,

Even there is a course to learn creativity!

If one can learn it what is creative about it?

Crazier it gets if the contemplation continues...

In the end, being passionate earns nothing but pain!

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