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One True Love

One True Love

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It had been years since I had heard about you.

201480 hours to be exact.

But damn the tradition of public gatherings.


I found myself in the same auditorium, same ceremony.

Back to the place where we fell in love.

Amidst the tiring ego trips, the ​jealous sighs, the fake smiles,

I searched for you.

And then somebody took your name.

Somebody like me, but younger and better.

Your current lover it seemed.

I recognized that fire, that frenzy, that fit.

His buoyant words took me back to us.

Those sleepless nights.

That maddening passion.

Remember what a tease you were?

Remember how relentless I was?

Nobody ever knew you but me.

They called you names, they snubbed you down.

No one could look beyond the shell.

The pearl that unveils after the quell.

While people got scared by the mystery of you,

I remained enchanted by your enigma.

The school campus recited our glorified tales.

With you by my side, I was hailed and bowed upon.

Time flew by.

I entered a new world.

World of colleges, world of jobs.

The long distance charade began.

It wasn't going to last. It never does.

I met someone else.

She was simple, she was beautiful.

I could deal with her on my own terms.

Your demanding demeanor was now a nuisance.

The ailing had to be put to rest.

We broke up.

And the time stopped.

I got stuck in a loop.

In the never ending vicious circle called life.

"Thank you!" the boy said holding the award as everyone clapped.

He came down running towards me.

With a twinkle in his eyes.

"See daddy! I won the Maths Wizard trophy!"

He exclaimed showing the cup.

And all I could see was that twinkle in his eyes.

I smiled and whispered inside my head.

'Yes, I am replaced, but its great to meet you again.'

My one true love.


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