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One Day

One Day

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One day I might be able to break open the glass

Walk along the path with you

Keeping up with the pace

But maintaining the space

Understand the language you speak

And not feel like I don't belong

One day I might get to laugh

Without being laughed at

One day I might also speak

Without rehearsing it a hundred times

One day I might hear you say something about me

Something nice rather than something hurtful

One day I might come undone

Without fearing if you'll ever wanna be with me again

One day I might hold your hand

Without tightening my grip on the ground

One day I might let you inside my soul

And everything

That's buried deep inside

Each and every part of it

Worded in blood

Penned with nails

And maybe, just maybe you shall see

What's on the other side of the door

And I don't know for sure if after everything

You'll want to stay

But one thing I know for sure is that

One day isn't today.

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