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I wake up with swollen eyes

Decorated with smudged kohl

Burning from the dried tears

Saw you sleeping like a child

Making me feel so helpless that

When I couldn't save you

I decided to drown

Wash my face among emptied syringes

Cigarette butts, colored pills.

I put on your T-shirt

As a way to hide your cigarette burns

My slashes, cuts, clots

And the canvas of our messed up love

You think I'm beautiful with

The marks of your hand

Slapped across my face

Cuts on my lips

Torn by your teeth and the love you could never give.

You act soulless because you refuse to believe

That I will always love you

But I beg for a forever as

No one will ever know

That I know an angel

That resides in the clutches of a demon

And I'm in love with both of them.

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