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Ode To A Stranger

Ode To A Stranger

1 min 158 1 min 158

Dear stranger, how I admire you.

From your notepad to your cup of coffee, or is it herbal tea?

Whatever it may be

I see something in you that's seldom found.

Culture, vision, and creativity that is in you so renowned.

I continue to glance over at you naturally, drawn to who you may be.

You're not the "old' " mystery man",

But a sight I can't refuse to see

From the beautiful flaw on your neck

To the laces of your shoes and their arc

The curiosity I have for what a specimen you are

grows as the seconds pass like the beating of my heart.

Who are you? If I may ask, how I want to walk up to you.

But you sit still over there, as I over here, do too.

Are we two of kind? I'm doing the same thing, writing in my book.

But look, are you writing about me?

I doubt it, why should you anyway?

You know me not, nor do I know you.

But I see your head glancing around, looking for inspiration there?

Or is that too out of the blue?

Sincerely, the young girl with notepad anew, tables across from you.

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