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Debasish Majumder

Abstract Inspirational Others


Debasish Majumder

Abstract Inspirational Others

Obfuscating Nature!

Obfuscating Nature!

2 mins 311 2 mins 311

Clouds bring not only rain or to usher storm

But it adds colour to my sunset sky at random

It is not my verse

It is an ardent cry from my nation’s greatest poet by observing human farce

They love to be enveloped by their own construed dome

Where they consider as if the safest haven as long they exist on their own designed kingdom

Poor humans, how they could envisage how insignificant they are considering to nature

Neither they could realize can think and perceive in nature’s floor with grand rapture

They construed a social fabric unlike other creature

Which is purely a human endeavour

There is no match for any other creature compared to human’s supreme nomenclature!


Human endeavour and innovation

Triggered them to take pride in their self-promotion

They can produce cloud by their effort with the help of silver iodide

But having no control of its floating over vales and hills with its adamant stride

Out of winds eccentricity being controlled by nature

Cloud float on neighbouring countries with its usual delectable rapture

There it sheds its water

And inundate many humans too with its inherent clamour

I wonder who is responsible for such an unpredictable and abrupt disaster

Hardly we humans are capable to gauge the aftermath and apologize for such a misdemeanour!


Science is nothing but emphasizing truth

It is only based on reasons with execution to acknowledge nature’s supremacy with gratitude

We are blessed by nature’s intriguing endowment

Which alone navigate majority to uphold humanity as a subject only considered as pertinent

Our existence can only ensure the existence of our posterity

Lest sheer darkness will engulf all forms of life to obliterate from nature’s floor at random!


Colour, flavour and charm

It makes all difference with its inherent intriguing norm

But these three are the prime essence to configure all physical matters to form

And manifest in the human spectrum with amazing design to overwhelm all worldly norms!

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