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Note To Self

Note To Self

1 min

Traversing the shattered meadow of my mind brings peace and demons

Uplifting melodies carries the soul gently through the air

Whilst machines tear the skin from bone again and again

Violent fantasies of love and triumph wage war in the void

Between my ears, struggling for dominance

But letting such emotions run vividly free allows me

The smooth contemplation to move on in life

There is a balance ever changing, working the world,

If you do not accept it be crushed by the mighty waves of destiny

As we shape each other and the world we live in, we are like ants of a colony

To think that one is supremely unique is arrogance, but so is to say one is not at all

So we constantly ride the rails in between chaos and structure

Feeling out our own beliefs and realizations to make sense of the world around us

How else can we cope and manage with the joys and sorrows of loved ones,

If not to sometimes fill in the blanks

But does that make us selfish and wrong?

To label things and change facts to suit our lifestyles?

Or is it truly in the nature of the beast, are we not to be punished

Because of our ignorance but allowed to grow?

Why is so much in life definite but inexpiable?

Perhaps for someones amusement...

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