Not A Drop Of Tear

Not A Drop Of Tear

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“Not a Drop of Tear”

I was by his side

Holding his hand tight

When he was breathing his last

I feared I would cry

But not a drop of tear to shed

As the final breath

Went off the air

I was gazing through his eyes

I said to him

I will not cry,

Not only for now

But For ever

I felt his eyes

Expressed pride

That still there are some

Who believe

To take care when alive

Than shed tears as one departs

I had “Not a drop of tear” to Shed.

Entire night

I was by the side


Chatting with the soul

Remembering from the days

When he held his hand

To the days

When he asked to Study

Which I never did

I felt happy reminiscing

But I had “Not a drop of tear”

He gave me the freedom

But applied for my college admission

For he feared I would go to work

As he believed

That the best asset

He can give me is education

Never had I felt inhibited

For he was a friend

On whom I leaned

On good and bad times

Just To learn that there is no good

Or bad time

It is just the colour of lens we wear

I feared a drop will fall

But eyes were dry

And “Not a drop to Shed”

He lay in the Funeral

With the soul dancing above

Wishing the world peace

Welfare to all

As the Pyre was lit

I asked my eyes

If there is drop in store

But I had Not a Drop of Tear to Shed.

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