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Malvika Khatoria

Drama Inspirational


Malvika Khatoria

Drama Inspirational

Nor A Feminist Neither An Activist

Nor A Feminist Neither An Activist

2 mins 104 2 mins 104

I opened my eyes

Saw this beautiful world

But didn't say a word

Yes, a little girl though took birth

But she's treated as curse

Those finger touching my body

Do they find me gaudy?

Yes those boys out there 

Trying to help me 

But found to be the player

My waist is only mine

Not your rope 

Or glass of wine

My butts are not meant to burst

My throat is not filled with thrust

My voice is not meant to moan

My eyes are not society's clown 

Yet I don't utter a word

Not even an advice on my physical world

Yes I'm fat 

Still they find my skin 

Made for their grin

Though I'm compared with thinner things

A brown girl transgresses her own blinks

My colour doesn't match with the environment

Yes, again that's my fault to be different 

Yes I'm a brown girl

With typical Indian looks

Oh I don't apply makeup.

You still want to hook?

Speed of my steps are decided by those ticking hands

Length of my clothes depends upon the Lane's sand

A fatty body they don't want to look up

But they go and tell about the suck

Am I safe being a girl

Or is it my fault that I believe in swirl 

I'm told to be quiet

Though I've right to speak

They hold my hand so tight

My veins are pressed for their needs

They keep their eyes on me

Are they seeing through my clothes or looking at my face cream

In this world of unrealistic joys

Now as I speak 

My tongue deploys

But their thinking leaks

Can they be more realistic

Can they be more practical

Can they teach their sons to control

Not girls but the way their mind and eyes rolls

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