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Vijita Sarin


New Year

New Year

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The last day of the year

A whole new year ahead

It brings joy and fun

To every day that's said

As the next year befolds

Like a mat full of goodies

The houses with parties

Teem with foodies

Balloons over here

Confetti over there

Children all excited

To go to new year's fair

People all awaiting

The new calender

To see how many holidays

They have got this year

Forgetting all promises

Made on last year's first day

How we'll live this year

Is all what people say

The holiday is spent

The way it is liked

I went up a mountain

And with my friends I hiked

The gifts are exchanged

Quick as lightening

Waiting for midnight

Is quite tightening

Finally 12:00 o'clock

Happiness spreads like wildfire

Now I say bye-bye

With my new year vibes much higher

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