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My Soul

My Soul

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God sent an Angel

To bring my soul

I'm ready to give my soul

Because I strained to live life

To fight against bad dreams

To forgive worthless people

To laugh out my enemies

Of time and money

To handle the responsibility

Of all around me

Either family or friends

I wanted to enjoy the beauty of

Nature and life

But it's not possible

Due to the greedy people around me

The stress, tension, and anger

Started eating me

The boundless problems

Unforgettable memories

Sleepless nights

Ruthless words

Diseased me

The dreams are darkened

Thoughts are rolled as films

My legs moved unevenly on the road

My behavior disrupted

What am doing now?

The restlessness in my body

Disturb me a lot

My body moments slowdown

Unbearably sitting under the tree

My mouth dried

By asking help

Nobody dared to help me

I know my soul leaving me

I just lifted my hand to catch it

But not possible

I'm weakened more

Nothing in my body supported me

The relationship between

My body and soul breaks

The Angel try to catch and hold my soul

It slowly ashes

There is no soul

Only the body staying under the tree

With broken heart and

Without soul

I'm already failed in life

As well as failed to reached and

Meets God

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