Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Ankita ARMY



Ankita ARMY


My One-Sided Love

My One-Sided Love

3 mins

Not everyone's smile makes my heart content,

 Oblivious I am of its strange intent.

 Everything seems perfect on the top,

 Still, it's sketchy all the way long.

The day my hand brushed past yours,

My heart started racing as it's on a coaster.

Your sight solaces my eyes,

Not everyone has that sweet curved smile.

I thank God for all that He gave,

Meeting you was one of the best events.

Thought we would just be friends 

But when you wore that white t-shirt and came

I couldn't stop falling for you at the end.

Don't know if you feel the same.

Don't know why you get me insane.

Every sight of your houses in my heart

I have a love words filled cart.

Everything waiting to open up in front of you,

But oblivious to why there is a fear internal.

Afraid if you don't feel the same,

Friendship will be over just like a game.

Losing you is the same as losing my heart,

Wandering in a vast desert apart.

Fear has become a part of love,

Unbearable but have to control.

Not the society let everyone love each other

They ask the love to get itself a cover.

Invisible to eyes

But in the deep heart, it lies.

Don't know if you will ever find out,

My type of love always has a real doubt.

My friends say my love is temporary

Little do they know it's unimaginary. 

Those sharing of glances

Gets my hormones to lose balance.

Not everyone has that thing in their smile 

Which gets my mind wander in the wild. 

My heart wants to take a dive into your mind,

It wants to know if you love me in the same kind.

Afraid that it will break,

It would be hard to intake.

Love has no fear 

You are so far but you feel so near.

It has become so impossible to bear,

I will come to you and say everything in your ear.

I finally said my feelings 

It felt like the last ball of the last innings.

You stared at me with those shiny eyes,

My suppressed emotions started to rise.

Finally, you bent down on one knee,

And asked if you could always be mine.

Everything seemed as in those dramas,

Getting you was the result of my good karmas.

The way you lifted me up 

Said we would always be together.

The way I left my everything for you

Thinking I didn't have enough time for you.

Everything seemed just so fine 

I felt as if you are only mine.

We went on so many vacations together

I felt as if we would be married happily ever after.

The sad truth fell on me

I found you loved someone else like me.

You needed little money

So that you can run away with her in harmony.

You made her the promises you never made to me,

I felt as if at least someone's true love is complete.

Among all the stuff I broke that night,

My heart was one that could never be fixed right.

I know you don't love me

I know you don't love me

But was it so necessary to break me

My eyes keep raining

My heart keeps aching

Your voice keeps ringing

Your memories keep flashing

My body keeps shivering

At last, my breath keeps falling.

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