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Sherwin Purushothaman

Drama Abstract


Sherwin Purushothaman

Drama Abstract

My Lost Angel

My Lost Angel

1 min 879 1 min 879

Many claim to understand but few do,

How I feel, not all of them have a clue,

But she was different, she was fine.

A sister I could truly call as mine.

Someone who follows what I say,

Who knows how to make my day,

A counselor and my friend in need,

In this selfish world, she was a different breed.

A matured kind with a beautiful mind,

Never a replacement I could find.

So comfortable was I in her presence,

Never realized I won’t rest in her absence.

Adored by everyone, hated by none,

Affectionate she was, couldn’t stand anyone’s plight.

A perfect blend of naughtiness and fun,

Never thought these eyes would long for her sight.

Friends and family, she loved from the heart,

Made stubborn decisions, too headstrong,

We squabbled, disputed, fell apart,

In the end, she always proved me wrong.

Though a sun has set, a star no more,

Hard to believe, difficult to bear,

But there ain’t a day I open the door,

And just hope to find her standing there.

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