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My Land

My Land

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We, the warriors of free land,

We, the companions, hand in hand.

Let me seize these exquisite moments.

Of some happy and some tense.

Every farm pristine and green,

Me and pal riding on wheels.

Empowerment at its peak,

Let's not forget woman once weak.

They and we altogether make it here.

No exotics, please dear.

Intellects, divinity saviors all.

We come up and never fall.

Different cultures, different languages,

 delicious cuisines which quench,

Tradition and values imbibed,

Respect elders, be disciplined and don't fight. 

Diwali, Holi, Christmas, and Navratri.

Festivals celebrated when all are free.

Exists here families small and large,

United always, don't dare to barge.

From paper to hands-on the touch screen,

Techy we and all teens.

Cottage indus.. to startups,

Crossing horizons our pups.

Scientists, doctors, nurses, policemen here

Front line warriors never fear.

Be it pandemic or any disaster,

Youth and experts on toes to alter.

The situation once grim, now fades 

Economic strength being laid.

Who's frightened of international challenges.

Opportunities at the threshold, let them see faces.

'made in India', the revolution begins,

And see how every fish swims.

From spare parts to assembles,

Smart engineering helps once feebles.

Free to move, talk, and express.

May all together join into places.

One motto, one dream, one destination.

It's my country, all have a fascination.

Soldiers, the pride of our nation.

Dare not a single one hide.

East, west, north, south.

My land is best and there's no doubt.

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