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It's so usual to say everything happens at the right time,

So let it go.

He still cries looking at the frame of his father.

He has everything now

Billionaire, the treasure of pride, everything but his father!

Still, in the midst of these luxuries,

He misses that happy conversation with his father.

She still cries looking at his picture.

Not that there is not enough love to share

But that unspoken care, unspoken words

Died somewhere in the midst of their fights.

That lad still regrets

Looking at their group photo of their schoolmates.

Maybe, they would have been the best couple now

If she could have dared admit that she loved him.

Somewhere, in the process of taking for granted

In the process of postponing feelings

In the process of looking beyond what's present now

In the process of being silent

We are leaving the present

In the struggle for the future, forgetting the present

To the shade of your eyes,

When someone comes, remember to get hold of their hand

This moment,

This story,

May not be there tomorrow! 

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