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Yamini Mathur



Yamini Mathur


Miracle – An Illusion Or Belief

Miracle – An Illusion Or Belief

3 mins

The opening phrase of Sophie’s World - ‘The Garden of Eden…at some point something must have come from nothing …’

Creation hymn in the Rig Veda, ‘Nasadiya Sukta’

“Then even non-existence was not there, nor existence, There was no air then, nor the space beyond it. What covered it? Where was it? In who’s keeping? Was there then the cosmic fluid in depths unfathomed?”

 If at the conception of nature, we can see ourselves as supernatural or rather being influenced by something supernatural, can we get away with believing in something or someone beyond or above not natural in nature? A miracle is an event that exceeds the productive power of nature. Embracing something greater than natural that has no proof nor an explanation. A simple thought; something clicks, another thing hits off, and it forms a connection. Brilliant! Don’t we all say, ‘this happened when I listened to my gut?’ Giving ourselves a bright enormous smile?

“Life is not short of a daily miracle. The deal is you must learn to focus,” Mind said in a perky voice.

“Did a miracle happen when someone said, ‘Ladies and gentleman, this is how it all began’?” not listening to Mind.

“Yes, with just one thought a miracle is performed. But why do we call it a miracle? Is it because we weren’t expecting it to work out? Would it be a miracle if things don’t work out?” asked Awe.

“Miracle - an out of an ordinary experience that doesn’t fit reality. A miraculous world, the definition of which shrinks to some graspable size so that the brain which has the mind can fathom it and show instead the normality of life. Living in a miraculous world, why is it so difficult to make sense of life and live it in a complete consciousness? Why is it so difficult to understand?” aloud, I said.

“Based on the theory of Charles Darwin, Steve Jobs, in his famous speech of Connecting Dots said that physically we grow with the growth of cells. Looking at them through a microscope, what we see are tiny crystal-like shapes. Looking at them again under a more powerful instrument, we find that they are made of molecules. And then again taking a still powerful instrument they can be described as atoms, electrons, protons and all sorts of sub-nuclear particles, but never arrive at the basic stuff.” Mind quoted.

“Because there isn’t any! Is this not a miracle?” Excitement exclaimed.

“Human nature in itself is a miraculous expression. Think about it. Why do we believe and however do we come to a conclusion as we do? Does a potter impose his will on the clay to give it a shape as per his wish? How did the 9 o’clock flower get its name? Does a bud know it will turn into a beautiful flower someday?” inquired Awe. 

“Swami Vivekananda in one of his interviews on miracles performed by the Yogis, simply said, Miracles no, but apparently strange things may be accomplished under the operation of natural laws.” 

“There have been philosophical disagreements regarding the nature and the existence of natural law. David Hume’s argument against miracles was, Miracles are impossible. One cannot have a justified belief that a miracle occurred. He further stated that a miracle is a violation of the natural laws.” confirmed Mind

“In reply theologians would typically say that God regularly works through nature yet, as a creator, is free to work without, above, or against it as well.”

“If the world is an illusion, is it a miracle to be living in one? If I am an illusion, am I a miracle too?” Confusion muttered.

“Would miracles cease to perform if one unbelieves? Does a belief in miracle is a belief that God exists?” Interest questioned at last.

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