Revolutionize India's governance. Click now to secure 'Factory Resets of Governance Rules'—a blueprint for a fair and prosperous future.
Revolutionize India's governance. Click now to secure 'Factory Resets of Governance Rules'—a blueprint for a fair and prosperous future.

Yamini Mathur

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Yamini Mathur

Abstract Drama Inspirational

A Life, A Will And The Play Of Power

A Life, A Will And The Play Of Power

4 mins

  “Truth cannot be suppressed and always is the ultimate victor”- Yajur Veda.

Throughout history, human behavior is by and large predictable in a given environment. From the time of our birth, we automatically are a part of society. There will always be choices to make whether we chose to or not.

Society is a complex system. ‘Life is unfair’. We have heard this phrase many times. School - a first step towards the unknown, a path of learning social interactions, of acceptance and rejections. Childhood – leaning towards our parents for advice. Moving on into the world, we look for similar acquaintances and we find them in friends, teachers, and mentors alike. Some, by now ‘players’, come out stronger. The stronger when playing against the weak, expectations might pay off. But when playing against a similar stronger, might face a counter-attack. There they tread cautiously as if a dangerous ground to step.

 “ Isn’t our world based on this? The stronger over the weaker?” questions Mind

“I would not agree. The world is as-is. Neither fair nor unfair. Not opinionated either because it doesn’t care.” I said, a matter of fact

“But we do. The reason - we are judgmental being. Tolerant and charitable we are with our thoughts and beliefs. We know what is good and bad for the others but ourselves. Competition for the best arises in this. No clarity, no reason, no debate, and no criticism. We make a group in a battle of us v/s them, with no aim for a healthy resolution. Slowly flowing away from what is right to we must fight. Slowly moving away from our sense of ‘Self ’, we are losing every possibility of working on our own unique identity towards that personality to which we do not comprehend.” Anxiety added

“This is where the unfairness of the stronger arises. Injustice is real. It is not about the stronger or weaker nor whether one is capable of handling pain in emotions. Unfairness – lack of equality or justice. Another way to be violent is to be unjust. An unfairness by someone who has power over the other because they can. Abuse of the trust placed on what should have instead been depicting competence at work. This is that power we must beat, this is the power we could do away with.” Blurts out Disgust 

“A basic human trait. A desire for power one cannot ignore nor state.” I added slowly after a thought

“Yes and that desire comes with another desire to feel less vulnerable. For the stronger to set his place and for the weaker to resist the fall.” Anxiety saying at a quicker pace

Empathy walks in “Accept, that the material world we live in, some gain and some feel lost.”

“Do you see how important it is? The need to realize our Inner Self?” I said 

“The Self within?” mind quoted. “Drifted away we have far from our real self, oh moralizing being. Shunning far from the truth towards power, reining our senses. It is time to change direction against the force of winds. Lower the mirror so that it reflects the Self within. Each time we look away, each time we find an easier way, and thus each time we ignore a cry. Oh, Human, is there some remorse left or will shame be felt when dawned upon thy Self, ‘The light of our soul is the same light, in every being’.

“I’ll add another phrase to that,” Sympathy said “It's so easy to see the speck in someone else's eye while failing to see the beam in our own.”

Dalai Lama’s book “Paradox of Our Age”, writer Justin penned his insights:

“…take care of each other. I know this concept seems so simple and naive, but why? Why is it a stretch to assume that if people would actually abide by the simplest of mindsets, The Golden Rule, that the world wouldn’t be a better place? ‘It’s not that simple”’ people say. ‘Yes. Yes, it really is”’ I say. And it starts with each of us, every single day.”

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