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Anne Benita

Drama Inspirational


Anne Benita

Drama Inspirational



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Hello, dear diary, 

I'm back to you again,

Today became a wonderful day

That I harvested my microgreens

Grown in my kitchen.

Got up early and spent some time

In the little flat space garden

With the little tweeting sounds

Of the sparrows in the trees.

Morning breeze enlightened my heart, 

With pleasant energy, began my day

With a cup of coffee

With my loved one.

Day duties went as usual,

Scolded my little one for naughtiness,

She cried, it melted my heart, I hugged 

And kissed her and told 'sorry.'

Evening came, it's the time for harvesting,

My little microgreens garden had grown in full,

My heart rejoiced in harvesting microgreens,

Little ones helped in harvesting.

Looking at the microgreens, I wondered,

How a tiny green gram became a plant;

Taught that tiny beginnings are always

The root cause of touching great things.

Prepared a delicious dish for dinner,

Enjoyed eating the microgreens,

Heart delighted, going to bed

With the happiness of microgreens harvesting.

Good night diary...

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