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Zariyah Sanchez



Zariyah Sanchez




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He answered all questions

Dishonestly and full of lies,

Had Pretended to be okay

When he has something to say;

Smiled like things was abnormally normal,

And had always acted so fake and formal.

He is a person whom they call weird,

A kind of person that was always feared,

For he locked himself in his own cage,

Having to hide even his yielding rage.

Making him an unknown beast, 

Whos feelings were never released. 

Truly, he was living a lie, 

Masked and unable to fly, 

Waiting for people to just pass by, 

For he thought of everyone as a spy. 

Spy that'll watch him at night, 

Spy that'll frown at his sight. 

Forever was afraid of judgment, 

To the real world... had no attachment.

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