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Anju Prasad

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Anju Prasad

Classics Others

Marium Of Magdalene...

Marium Of Magdalene...

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Mary of Magdalene 

You fascinate me 

Not on who are you, I have no doubts in it however you are misinterpreted for centuries 

"Apostle to the Apostle's' princess I do not want to err in depicting you.

Not at all tainting your narrative 

You remain intriguing to me as beautiful as a rose 

The great painter never lied in it 

Oh, saint, the cruel fate twisted your struggle 

Isn't it your story, the repetition of the exiled feminine, of invalidation, mistreatment, shame and silence.

Was it not the story of an inner Goddess that abominations erased and depicted as a whore? 

When you were the healer, the teacher, the influential leader who knew the God and the son and the spirit in your heart mind and soul.

Oh, the dogma of the male-dominated semantical world would never fancy such a privilege of female arising. 

You become a lamentable and disheartening pain. For you inherited the truth of pain of the love that was crucified. 

This world would have been changed by you, the lust for power, ugly avarice and ignorance mitigated. But you were withered 

Prophecy of the arid land will you blossom again. From where the Goddesses were burned at stake and exiled forever will the purpose be fulfilled. Will love and harmony be restored? 

Mary of Magdalene you are not a publically defamed enchant me 

The Divine feminine.

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