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Anju Prasad

Abstract Drama Classics


Anju Prasad

Abstract Drama Classics

Love Transpired

Love Transpired

2 mins

Once sky told to the sea

Give me all those deep salty pangs and pressures I would pour down as pure bliss and kindle a smile as beautiful as a rainbow on cosmos

I would like to write an ode to you 

Give me your pain and problems,I shall find you the pleasures from the valleys of my heart you seldom can fathom

Lend me your tears I would churn it in my soul and gift you with Pearl's of pure bliss not even the best of the oysters can yield in such dark and doom.

Trust me with your demons I would bless you with all Angel's that would guard all your pathways and all your tempest like no one could bestow in the pages of past 

Grant me your fears your guilt and your worries, poison of rejection,deep shames,I would ingest them and kiss your lips with breath of life and freedom and lightness of feather you have never fancied before

You can be as nude as truth in my arms revealing all your scars, I would see through them the light in you and admire your valor the way you tarried this far

You may not fear the world nor the stones of words they throw recklessly inhuman at you I would transmute each in to verses and sing them aloud and build on your castle for you to rule in peace the rest of your life.

You need not run away from life any more I could hide you in my core immune to the toxins and become the star that illuminate universe 

I am here before you shed all those wears and bearings of yesterdays and be a new creation I am your garden that grew from the thorns world tied me to.

At this moment from the dark cocoon there rise a butterfly and a lot of silky thread 

I bind you with its freedom and blend in you as

Innocence of a dewdrop that is resting on the first petal of unopened yet not bloomed blue lotus.

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