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Tamanpreet Sodhi



Tamanpreet Sodhi


Man's Greed And Nature's Revenge

Man's Greed And Nature's Revenge

2 mins

Sometimes when everything is calm, composed, peaceful, and pure,                       

The nature sets in, it's deadly roar.         

From the air, to land, to water, to cloud,          

Everything has something to say out loud.     

Nature' s voice, is deep implanted         

For a man who takes it, just for granted.         

From flower to fruits, to trees, to breeze.     

These are nature's beautiful keys.  


Nature asks the question why?                

Man's greed has grown so deadly high?         

Right away he cuts the trees.                 

And takes the honey, from the bees.           

As nature reveals, it's beautiful treasure ,  

Man kills the animals , for his own pleasure.    

With more pollution, he fills the air ,             

Setting his car, in the first gear.                 

Rivers that are the mark of purity,            

Have become rich with more impurity         

The earth's surface is so charming ,          

But we destroy it with global warming           

Forests are the biggest giver ,                

But what in turn did we deliver?                 

Nothing except the destruction we cause,       

By defying, all the government laws.           

By throwing all the non - biodegradable,       

We make the plants death, inevitable.          

More creatures are becoming extinct          

In moments of an eye winked.


Nature has its own endurance.                

And will take revenge with assurance.        

This revenge is called nature's disaster,    

Which comes on earth, like a bloody blaster.    

It starts with just a landslide,                

And becomes bigger at the seaside.         

Seaside where it causes Tsunami,            

And is the ultimate end of all emami.           

It is sure to make the entire earth wake,         

By bringing a huge and dreadful earthquake.  

Tornadoes are the speedy wind ,               

That has the entire earth grinned.              

With giant volcanoes spitting out the lava,     

Like the entry of blood into the superior vena cava.                                        

It can make the hurricanes to come, and go away,

But can also ask them for a long time to stay 


Now it depends on man to decide               

How to take, nature's ride                

Whether to abide by the rules of nature,        

Or to become the ancient beings, of literature.  

To believe in, conservative and sustainable development,                              

 Or to become the targets, of nature's envelopment.

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