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Making Ashes

Making Ashes

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Forget love, my darling,

Let's make ashes tonight.

Before they pull us apart,

Let's shine as the Sirius, bright.

Let's bring down the curtains,

And tear down the walls.

Burn the picket fences in our fireplace,

And use the powder to embellish the halls.

Break down the glass they tell us to look into,

Use the shards to paint their faces.

Let's smear the white linens with the blood of them all.

Build it down, brick by brick,

Let's have wine from the bowls and dance on the knives.

We use our tears to dilute the poison,

And let it seep through the bruises.

Sew the mouths that blurt abuses,

But just enough to hear them bawl.

In the distance the sirens blare,

Don't be afraid, just hear it all fall.

They can't take away our vices,

Let them pray for us in their sacred lairs.

Let's smoke from each other's mouth,

And witness the going of the light.

Forget love, my darling,

Let's make ashes tonight.

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