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Love Unconditional

Love Unconditional

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The greatest wish to ever come true

Was the wish I wished when I wished for you.

I prayed and asked God to console,

Heal me, help me, make me whole.

He blessed me by sending you into my life

Bringing joy and happiness to me as your wife.

I now see the love and peace for which I've yearned

After releasing the pain and letting go of the hurt.

God has been so good to me and somehow knew

The healing I’d find through loving you.

You teach me how to just relax

And not give in to Satan’s attacks.

You teach me how to accept love,

To kiss and hug instead of push and shove.

You taught me how to actually feel,

Rather than shutting down trying to conceal

Each emotion and feeling, the hurt and pain.

Because of your love I’ll never be the same.

Where I once saw darkness I now see light.

Where I once was blind I now have sight.

Your kiss has brought about a miracle in me

That everyone everywhere is able to see.

Observed by each and every member of my family

We’re building stronger branches to our family tree.

You make me the person I always wanted to be,

A woman filled with passion, love and security.

I feel so blessed to see the growth between us

And will never be able to thank God enough.

Blessed to wake up next to my best friend everyday,

Falling in love with you over and over in every way.

Together we have formed a bond so strong

Something I’ve dreamt of for so very long.

If ever I wondered how true love could really be

I found out the day you said, “I do” to me.

Intrigued by your strength and love.

Matched only by the Lord above’s.

Constantly amazed, awed and inspired

By your ability to satisfy my every desire.

Thank you, my husband, for bringing to me

The gift of learning to love unconditionally.

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