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Drama Tragedy



Drama Tragedy

Love Like This

Love Like This

3 mins

All along I hated you

For all the promises

You made and failed to do.

I wonder from time to time

That I was really silly to

Believe you were all mine.

I was on the edge of letting you go

But who knows destiny has

Other plans to throw.

Coincidentally we crossed

Our path again.

I saw you and my heart sank

Without wasting a second

I turned away.

Still you acknowledged loudly

From the back.

I can’t afford to be weak

So I greeted back with that

Fake smile on my face.

You passed from my side without

Even enquiring how was I?

While here my silly little heart

Was waiting that at least you should

Explain all your lies.

I too moved on thinking someday

It’s going to happen anyhow.

But your love was so cruel.

In spite of all of that

You still gave me such a hard time

Sitting in front or beside

Me all the time.

Did you really wanna be with me?

Or examining my patience giving me

All those trial and tribulations

From time to time.

I skipped many days to avoid your face.

B'cos to stop the pain, I know

It’s better to part away.

Time flew away and so did the love

You were there but not like before

To afflict me anymore.

I never understood you quite well

You needed space and still

Wanted to hold on

Interpreted from all the messages

You had sent all along.

I ignored it all bcoz I had nothing

To do with u anymore.

One day you called again and again

Even when I didn't receive

You had guts to call my friends

And asked them to call me

To at least receive his call

As you had something

Important to say.

I convinced myself that

No matter what my heart says

My mind is not going to surrender again.

So I called him and asked

What’s the matter in that

Strange voice of mine.

Without greeting he told

Me to return all that stuff

That belongs to him.

As expected he really changed a lot!

And it’s a fact I accepted a long ago.

Soon I realised

It’s better to let him go with

An open heart this time.

While returning the stuff you told me

It’s the only excuse to meet me.

I just pretended to be ignorant

Until he taunts me

It’s good to see me more

Happy with someone else.

I understood he was talking

About my old friend that moved

Into the town few months back.

I replied so why was he being

Jealous when he is only the one

Who turned away.

Out of nowhere when

I saw into his eyes

His eyes were full of tears.

And with those eyes you told me

How much you loved me

And only me while doubting

It’s not the same for me

I was just quite to hear

All that you had to say.

He admitted his mistake and stated

All his personal reasons

He was being that way.

Continuing all along he tried

To explain but the problems

Were holding him back.

At last you said you can’t tolerate

Anyone by my side so you started

To sit in front or beside.

Complaining why I were

So ignorant all the time.

He sweared how much he cared

Spying at me all the time

And told I should have known how

Much I meant to him.

I interrupted him to say

It’s good to hear what you had to say

Now it’s time for me to go away.

I wished him best with his life a head

Stating lets be friends if we

Crossed our path again.

Deep inside knowing I can’t give

Love another chance to kill me again.

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