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Richa Pitliya

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Richa Pitliya

Classics Others

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva

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Lord Shiva may bless us always, in the blossoming season on monsoon,

His devotees seek immense love and purity in July month, often soon.

His trident stands tall with its peak facing the skies with utter pride,

Enemies are destroyed once they anger the Lord of Kailasha with might.

He’s the destructor of the sinner, and his power crawls the skin of rival,

Blue shade shining in the dark with wafts of smoke and a blazing fire.

Showering nectar from heaven above, He’s the Almighty of all,

With great hearts and prayers on our lips, He keeps us from fall.

The Moon in the dim light gives hope for us to move on with grace,

Ganges with its essence brimming fills us with happiness on our face.

Snakes slithering on the flesh, venomous to deepen our scars and fame,

Nandi, as his ardent follower, sings praises when we say his name.

Bel leaves shimmer as we offer Him, and Dhatura resides with spines,

Third eye oozes fire with His might when He has to bloom and shine.

Tiger skin wrapped around him preaching about his power and valor,

He is the Lord of the Lords and the guardian of his devotees and keeper.

Shravan month is the best to be gifted with his blessings with pure Heart,

The Almighty forgives us for sins and blesses us with his divine part.

May God Shiva be proud of our existence and help us in times of need,

His powerful soul resides in our hearts and songs sung by his devotees.

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