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Mihika Saraf

Abstract Inspirational Others


Mihika Saraf

Abstract Inspirational Others

Lockdown Becomes My Coach

Lockdown Becomes My Coach

2 mins 37 2 mins 37

Claustrophobia, sitting in four walls,

In these times, a sealed door,

We thought life and progress stopped,

No! This very time became my coach.

March was a joyous month,

Until the lockdown barged on,

It was when I faced deep sorrow,

Thinking of the inability to do several things,

As almost all recreations that were now gone.

Did I overcome it? I did!

Thinking of the people that were fighting for our safety against this pandemic,

I stayed in.

To my sorrow, a farewell I bid.

April came, with a whole new problem,

I started missing my family and friends,

I wanted to step out and play,

I wanted this lockdown to end!

But it didn't.

Did I overcome this problem? I did!

Technology helped me, close ones never felt lost,

And my safety then felt like my comfort, I treated my disturbance-free of cost.

I stayed in. 

To my disturbance, a farewell I bid.

May, June, and July rolled in,

I faced problems like being UN-homesick, and I felt like I lost touch with the environment,

Did I overcome this? I did!

I thought of how lucky I was to be locked in-but with my closest family, my parents,

I spent time with them, we remembered old moments.

I sat next to my window, thinking of how blessed we were to have mother nature, looking at the skies and trees.

Such events teach life lessons,

Our body and mind it strengthens.

Claustrophobia? No more.

Now it doesn't feel like boundaries and doors,

As we hope for this lockdown to end,

We keep learning and teaching ourselves, keep ourself hurled,

As lockdown becomes our coach,

And passes us on to a new world.

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