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Narayanan Neelamegam



Narayanan Neelamegam


Life Time Burden

Life Time Burden

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Family combination of mixed-up feelings;

Few sentiments being expressed in front;

Were concerned about food and shelter;

Children engaged in reading and writing;

Father, the driver always drive with full care;

Mother, the engine takes the complete load;  

Brother, never understand your tensions;

Sister so often supports your homework;

Grandpa regularly teaches a few lessons;

Grandma takes the utmost care and attention; 

Young man worried have jobs, salaries;

At times come across stress and strain;  

Till we get married, never know dad's pain;

After having kids, recognize mother's ache;

One suddenly come with love, romances;

Other brings out a lot of financial pressures;

The burden being realized at every life stage; 

Hopelessness desperation verge of mad;

Once in Life....... Once in stage.......

The burden in Life.....Lifetime Burden.......

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