Life's A Chessboard...

Life's A Chessboard...

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Life’s a chessboard, a game 

You win some, you lose some in your name. 

Treat them both as just the Same; 

Lest it blemishes your embroidered name with a flame. 

You are the man, the master, and yet the mortal king; 

Forlorn alone, nonchalantly you see all and the sundry trying to cling. 

You are the epicenter of vitriolic chaos, yet you merrily sing; 

For such is your destiny-to survive the Ondine's curse and feel the sting. 

You live for her, she perishes for you-that's your mesmerizing queen; 

Your love, your lust, your Cleopatra and your Madeline. 

You lose her and the nefarious souls haunt you like Halloween; 

Her vicinity is your safe abode, making you feel like heaven at eighteen. 

Your ardent dreams transpire in the mighty knight; 

Meandering to your panoramic delight, it serves you with a spirited sprite. 

Braving up a stoic fight it kindles a ray of light, 

No matter how silhouetted be the midsummer's night. 

Forbearance is indispensable for the erring you-so the rook; 

Your rector, your marquees, your firewall castle and your cook. 

Flanks you from pernicious vandalism, keeping you serene like the silent brook; 

But, mind my words, it can surge you to your destiny by playing hook or crook. 

It’s not always love when you kiss-up; 

Feeble alone, you pair up and wreak havoc on the usurp. 

No straight paths, you two cross-walk in sinister dress-up; 

And there, my friend, you masquerade as the BISHOP. 

You make fallacious moves, yet you get d wreath of win; 

You play just and right and yet, at times, you taste the bin. 

You are bestowed with unprecedented help and at times you feel undone facing the chagrin; 

For be it life or chess, you are a cipher without the divine providence, the god-the kingpin. 

Life’s a chessboard, a game, 

You win some, and you lose some in your name..............

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