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Shijil Paleri

Abstract Inspirational Thriller


Shijil Paleri

Abstract Inspirational Thriller

Life Cycle

Life Cycle

1 min 277 1 min 277

Paining hard, no crying

Life isn’t worst, trying

Breathe in, breathe out

Pain in, pain out

Hitting hard, tears

Word's a sword, who cares

Feelings no fare

Medicines, an affair

Waiting and rejected new status

Luck, opportunities, Chance's

All words and doors closed

Packed and no pinhole

People around talking

Are they understanding?

Listening, a weakness


Fearing pain

I am running away

The circle was the path

Hitting the spot, again and again

The situation is to face

Excuses infinite

Choosing the appropriate one

I am still unchosen

Peculiar, your behavior

Each sec, like the warrior

Will burn that Thorne

Unreal, Is what you put on

Directing the Juniors

With life, an arrear

Holding hand, moment rare

Life a court, I appear

Walking out, an arrow

crying like a sparrow

Felt If no tomorrow

Life trashed, to throw

Raining word if meteors

Gun shell and closed doors

Dripping worries within as ore

Confused if metaphor

If you feel what I bleed, Is not blood

Every month, that's the count, you can't heal

Breathe is limited, don't render

There's a lot of pain, don't surrender

Life again, a sunrise

Aiding the prise

On the third day, I arise

I'm back, a reprise thou surprise

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