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Himanshi Tanwar

Abstract Inspirational


Himanshi Tanwar

Abstract Inspirational

Let's Give It A Try

Let's Give It A Try

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Once upon a time 

There was a girl brimmed up with dreams to fly high!

In every challenge, she used to be ‘Let’s give it a try’!!

Jubilation, Exhilaration, and Ecstasy used to be the synonyms of her presence!

Proving her mettle to the world by reforming certain social evils was her life’s essence!!

Diving deep in the sea, Rising high in the sky!

With abundant dreams in her eyes, she was all set to rise high !!

Suddenly, one loud roar obstructed her journey to the sky!

Instructing her that in this society *Girls can’t fly* !!

After that, all efforts were being made to put her in bondage!

Her wings were cut, leaving her bleeding in the short age !!

Nobody came to heal her emotionally with a supporting bandage!

Rather in some way or the other, all tried to take her advantage !!

Surprised, Depressed, Dismayed, she cried for months!

But who understands the pain of a girl, friends ??

After years of struggle, when

she becomes once again strong!

And gets ready to fight against all those who did her wrong !!

Then suddenly people start calling her whore, slut, characterless in their anti-feminism songs!

I don’t understand, why every other girl is going through a similar pain from years-long???

I urge you to arise, awake, and fight for your rights, ladies!

Never forget, You cannot only be a bread earner but can also make babies !!

If combining women’s and men’s power in one fist is called Feminism, as per all the anti-feminists?

Then, I feel honored to say that it is a matter of pride to be called a FEMINIST !!

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