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Lanes Of Kolkata

Lanes Of Kolkata

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//Lanes of hope//

Kolkata a city of joy,

Where festive season means,

Gatherings to enjoy

In the midst of all the happy faces

There lies the dark face of the city

The ones unknown 

The one with soulless thoughts and screaming minds

The one who has seen battles fought for just a day's meal.

The battles fought for a living

And the one who's unsheltered 

The one without a feeling called hope

The lanes of Kolkata 

Witnesses all

When the city is lightened up with feelings of a new beginning 

They try to find a ray of hope too

A drop of happiness maybe

Kolkata is a home for all

For the broken to the healed

For the penurious and the abundant 

The lanes of Kolkata is a shelter for all

Hundreds of years of witnessing 

The good and the bad

The beginning and the fall

But it's still called the city of hope and joy

The city which is called home by all. 

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